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Bodie State Park Shoot with Elly Skube 2016


A few months ago I had the wonderful opportunity to have a photoshoot at Bodie State Park. It was a great opportunity to both shoot reference and some model photography. Here are a collection of some of the Images I took at Bodie State Park with model and close friend Elly Skube.

Bodie is a park on the California side of the California/Nevada Border, that used to be an old Mining town. At one point in US history Bodie was the biggest and most dangerous town west of the Mississippi. It could average as many as five shootings a Day.  Many insist that the grounds are haunted. During the winter, both Visiters and supplies for the rangers, who live there year round, need to be brought to the park via snow mobile or skis.

During the shoot we had a great day with shifting clouds and just enough sun. The landscapes are dry but beautiful, and the dilapidated buildings were perfect for setting mood.



In Additional to the wonderful setting, there are old machinery parts scattered all about the park grounds. It is a treasure trove of artistic reference and textures. The site is at an elevation that is so arid that there is little corrosion damage. The metal, instead, appears to be burnished by the elements.

While most of the buildings cannot be entered, you can see where everything was left by the residents when the town was abandoned, right down to the books being on children's desks in the school. According to the park staff the Items had not been arranged like that. The buildings are sealed and everything is covered with thick layers of dust. Visitors can even see the many layers of tile and wallpaper that the interior of the buildings sported as the years of the towns' history is laid bare.

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