Artist Bio:

Alex is An Award Winning Illustrator, Concept Artist, Maquette Sculptor and Art Director.  

Growing up in the icy mountains of Vermont, he enjoyed drawing stories and playing Dungeons and Dragons to ward off the cold. Alex also spent hours in those formative years admiring the works of modern masters like Todd Lockwood, Chris Van Allsburg, James Gurney, and Brom. All of this eventually compelled him to seek out a career in fantasy illustration, where he has the freedom to create worlds and tell stories with pictures.

Alex graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008 with a Masters degree in Illustration, and continues to pursue his passion for fantasy, sci-fi, and steampunk.

Email :alex@illustratedpixels.com
phone : 802-922-2106

1st Place 2018 illustrators of the Future Award

Anthology and Industry Publications:
ImagineFX Magazine Feb 2018, Future Publications

ImagineFX Magazine May 2016, Future Publications

Infected by Art Vol 5 2017

Infected by Art Vol 4 2016

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Phone :  802-922-2106
Email : Alex@illustratedpixels.com
Resume: Alexander Gustafson's Resume (Download Link)

Clients have Included:

  • Bethesda

  • Paizo ( Pathfinder)

  • Hex

  • A.E.G.

  • White Wizard Games

  • Harimon Publishing

  • Various independent authors for cover work

  • Lone Shark Games

  • Wicked North Games

  • Post Human Studios: Eclipse Phase

  • Fantasy Flight Games, ( Illustrator for Talisman, Lord of the Rings, Arkham Horror)

  • Arcane Tinmen (dragonshield)

  • Work on Concept Art for film "Its not as If..."

  • Mind Wave Comics (Character Promo Art)

  • Pelgrane Press (Illustrator for Hillfolk, Blood and Snow)

  • The Electric Radio Company (Film Story Artist)

  • Marc Tetro Studios (Sculpture)

  • Artwork for the Band Tickle Bomb Orchestra (illustrator)

  • Art work for the band Dispatch Summer (illustrator)

  • Hero Games (Illustrator for Fantasy Hero)

  • Delight Games

  • Literati Creative Group INC (Digital Artist and Photo Editor)

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2018 Illustrator of the Future Award : 1st place Second Quarter