Alexander Gustafson Resume 2018-1.jpg
Alexander Gustafson Resume 2018-2.jpg

Clients have Included:

  • Bethesda
  • Paizo ( Pathfinder)
  • Hex
  • A.E.G.
  • White Wizard Games
  • Harimon Publishing
  • Various independant authors for cover work
  • Lone Shark Games
  • Wicked North Games
  • Post Human Studios: Eclipse Phase
  • Fantasy Flight Games, ( Illustrator for Talisman, Lord of the Rings, Arkham Horror)
  • Arcane Tinmen (dragonshield)
  • Work on Concept Art for film "Its not as If..."
  • Mind Wave Comics (Character Promo Art)
  • Pelgrane Press (Illustrator for Hillfolk, Blood and Snow)
  • The Electric Radio Company (Film Story Artist)
  • Marc Tetro Studios (Sculpture)
  • Artwork for the Band Tickle Bomb Orchestra (illustrator)
  • Art work for the band Dispatch Summer (illustrator)
  • Hero Games (Illustrator for Fantasy Hero)
  • Literati Creative Group INC (Digital Artist and Photo Editor)

ImagineFX Magazine May 2016, Future Publications
Infected by Art Vol 4 2016
Infected by Art Vol 5 2017